Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Essays on Modernity

Some years ago, as I came out of the thralldom of spirituality and the self-centered pursuit of transcending one's humanity in order to be "free from suffering", I wrote a series of polemics on the vacuum of meaning in the modern human being.

Spirituality is an an individual attempt to form a personal superego (a grand Self instead of one's puny "self"), while rejecting the superego of tradition, religion and social mores.

Some of those series of essays are listed below:

Superego and Morality

On Non-Attachment: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

Nature and Man

Notes on Modernity.

Notes on Suffering: part 1part 2.

Notes on Intellect: part 1part 2part 3.

A note on Morality.

Notes on Meaning: part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8part 9part 10part 11part 12part 13.


Anonymous said...

Ocean of experience Mr. Witty Writer!!

To start with, this hype on modernity, non attachment, super ego is very interesting topic and few of us barely know what this means or everything is written just based on someone's assumptions or incidents, so let us not follow anything blindly.

Let us take an example of being non-attachment said by some XYZ scholar or Mr. Guru - how can you not be attached to something in life and getting attached is termed as weak? Well, we all were born with our umbical cords attached to our mothers, don't you think our dear God is attached to mankind and in all holy scripts he has mentioned to only bow down to him so isn't that a pure attachment he is expecting out of us. Well we humans no matter how strong intellectually or spiritually evolved, we are bound to get attached to things, so what is wrong in that? If an attachment to some thing is bringing you peace and solace and evolving you for better then why not, yes I agree depending on something beyond your limit and disrupting yourself and others is definitely has to be looked at as simple as that. When you get attached to something that means that there is a positive of negative emotions may be this is what my understanding is and having emotions is not acceptable then we should turn our genes to Robots.

Now my favourite topic ego. WOW, God also has ego let us go back to the story of Mrs. Eve and Mr.Adam. They were both asked not to eat the fruit, When Ms.Eve ate the forbidden fruit, who got angry? it was God, so now, we understand from where ego has come? but trust me I love God in all good sense as I have always believed there is something which is there for you. Never mind, let us get back to our topic about "Ego". We all like exaggerating ourselves so that we keep our self satisfied, only when we start looking deeper in our actions and habits only then ego can become into moderation but why will some one look into himself so deeply? that only happens in various incidents and a moment strikes of self -realization that's another topic to discuss.

Next Favourite Topic "Modernity" - This word is very fascinating to all, probably at times we have disrupted our origin by aping someone without making some sense and media giants has influenced us so deeply and fooled us into it, just to get 'MONEY' you see 'HONEY' and we are simply addicted to it. Till today most of us live in an era where modernity we assume is associated with glamour, technology, beauty, being famous, speaking a language which was never ours, wearing an attire which makes us look ugly getting confused and making things more complicated.

Life is beautiful, if we take time out in making things simple and understand your unique self. Nourish your soul and love your emotions, the journey of life has something to teach the more you dwell on what you cannot do and what you do not have will make you miserable. Nobody gets anything in life full and there is a reason for every scar and that is why it makes your priceless. Let us smile and make people around us smile and that should be our journey ultimately, however never tolerate injustice a fair amount retaliation is required.

Humans are so powerful - if we want with little amount of determination you can achieve world and spiritual wisdom just that every step MASTER THE ART OF HUMANITY - THE WORLD IS YOURS!

zrini (srini, ஸ்ரீநி, வாசு, சீனு, சீனி etc.) said...

very extensive. shall go through this as a whole before I can comment. thanks!