Sunday, January 30, 2005

On the Hectic Life

What is man running after?

The ceaseless pursuit of what?

I have seen the life of a small town, and of the biggest cities in the
world. I have seen the life of hills, and the life of the homeless.

In the flurry of the days and nights passing by, one longs for a
restful place, for a peace which cannot be disturbed. The clamour for
security, for a home, for a secure relationship, for love is in
reality the search for peace within.

And that inward peace is never found. Every new accomplishment
seems as if it is bringing one closer to the goal. But that abode of rest
lies always beyond a misty horizon.

To want to rise in the world is to accept its values. The values of
profit, of a cycle of tightening and loosening up of oneself, of weeks
and weekends, of vacations to exotic places, of expectations and
silent frustrations, of comparison and competition, of furtive
remarks and hidden agendas, of exploitation and selective

In a hectic life, even an act of enjoyment leaves one tired.

Are some people designed to remain discontented with the world?

Is it the fate of some of us to search and seek till we die?

I was told that only if I reject every false means of happiness in
this world will my thirst for the eternal be truly quenched.

From a quest of timelessness I have now regressed into a quest of
time and space.

The quest for timelessness has become a very faint ember in the
smoke of my ebbing fire.

What a thirst I had of coming to you,
And what a bloodbath it has turned into...