Friday, July 13, 2007

A Critique of Vipassana as taught by Mr S N Goenka

This is a critical analysis of an intensive meditation practice in wide prevalence these days. Vipassana is taught in many variants, but this article focuses on the technique as taught by the organization set up by Mr S N Goenka .

The following phrases and keywords are to help google index this page: limitations of vipassana, vipassana limitation, goenka vipassana, tough regimen, silent meditation, metta meditation, faulty technique, attention manipulation, vipassana criticism, narrow focus, blind equanimity, cultist organization, brainwashing, harsh conditions.

Since this is a long article, I have typeset it in TeX, converted it into PDF and uploaded it to Googlepages. It can be found here.

An HTML version (with poorer formatting) is also available here.


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