Saturday, May 22, 2010

Then, Now, and Then?

A cartoon, an image, and a question:

(image courtesy WSJ, via Who is the Absurd Man)


(image courtesy Sonny Tumbelaka/AFP/Getty Images, via Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish)


So what if this was not simply gene implantation, but what if they actually succeeded in fabricating a live cell? We might as well all go home and watch TV till the end of our lives, in that case. Or no?

But not all of us, I guess. At least the Godmen would be in a tizzy trying to explain how the vital has been created out of thin air!


Yayaver said...

The mystery is unravelling and where are religious godmen... ? Nice blog dude.

Anonymous said...

How do you conclude "the vital" has been produced from thin air? Neither the article, nor the research nor the scientists themselves claim this. In fact they make it clear they have not created something from nothing.

"Nothing comes from Nothing, Nothing ever will".

So there is really nothing for the spiritualists or scientists to comment upon or disagree upon. To each his own conclusion!