Saturday, November 22, 2008

A paragraph on widowhood

Gita Press in Gorakhpur, India, is in the business of publishing inexpensive prints of Hindu scriptures, mythological texts and inspirational texts. They have a franchise system which is very widespread in North India. It is very easy to find exclusive Gita Press booths on railway stations and on bus stands.

Recently, at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station (in New Delhi) Platform 3, while perusing books at their booth, I came across a thick anthology named "Nari Ank" (Special compendium on Women). Opening a page at random, I came across an essay on widowhood. The first paragraph was such a jaw-dropper that I took a picture of it with my mobile phone camera.

The title of the essay is: How to keep the life of a widow pure. (Vidhvaa-jeevan ko pavitra kaise banayen)

Here is the first paragraph, translated in English:
The grief of a widow is indescribable. Nobody else can fathom it. But this is also proven that by arousing the sexual desire of a widow, and by engaging her in sexuality, by making her a slave of the senses, by arranging remarriage for her, one cannot take away her sorrow. The reason for sorrow is: our own karma. If we want happiness in the future, then we should be restrained and perform good acts which result in happiness. To facilitate the enjoyment of objects will not result in joy. Why does a woman become a widow? Because of evil acts in her past lives. If in this life also ...
(my camera could not capture more)


Free-Fallin' said...

I can't believe that such hypocrites exist in today's world. this press should be burnt down.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the real world!

I wish you had bought the volume and gone through it. It would have left you shell-shocked.

And remember all this bought and lapped up by a general public and considered the truth. Often it is backed by popular religious stories and myths, forever instilling them into minds and beliefs. Gita Press has brought out a volume on how a woman should be kept ( as if she were a pet animal) since she has no sense of leading life. She needs constatnt guidance which can only be provided by the nurturers ( husbands, fathers, brothers and sons). Go an you will discover this somewhere: (trans. mine)

Kunti is a prototype which proves beyond doubt that a woman does not know what to do with her innate sexuality. She needs a man to keep her sexual desires under control and proper guidance. The purpose of a woman is to bring forth a child,and if she loses track of this purpose of her existence, she can bring war and destruction like Kunti and Draupadi did in Mahabharata. The religious texts give us a blueprint of life, hence they should be read and followed carefully'.

That sounds like a sadist's paradise to beat the life out of a woman. Why do men hate, fear woman so much, and yet seems to be unable to live without one.

Di said...

hmmmm.....I do like the gorakhpur press....I have their many books. They need a good editor and a learned person in their committee. All religions have some ills...we need to remove the bad and concentrate on the good. What say you???