Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Hot Dogs

Mulla Nasrudin went to Berkeley and after seeing the "open" atmosphere, decided to become a Buddhist. But he still really liked beef.

So he with a long face went to a hot dog vendor. There was mayo, mustard, ketchup et al. The vendor asked him how he wanted the dog.

Mulla: Make me one with everything.

Acquainted with Buddhist thought, the vendor gives him a dog with his right hand, clapping. Mulla pays with a $20 bill and asks for change.

Vendor: Change comes only from within.


Mulla Nasrudin wanted something spicy and salty and went to Dandi, which is known for its excellent and tax-free salt. Appreciating it, he became a Gandhian.

But he still really liked beef.

So with a beatific face, he went to a hot dog vendor. The vendor asked him if he wanted to eat there, or if it was a take-away. Mulla found the most skinny looking beggar around, and took him to the vendor:

Mulla: I am on a fast, but please give one to this guy. I will watch disapprovingly, and with penance and forbearance.

Justifiably acquainted with Gandhian thought, the vendor gave one to the beggar. Mulla paid with a 100 rupee note and asked for change.

Vendor: Be the change that you want to see.

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