Monday, September 24, 2007

Ta'm e guilass (Taste of Cherry) by Abbas Kiarostami

In the words of Akira Kurosawa, "Words cannot describe my feelings about them ... When Satyajit Ray passed on, I was very depressed. But after seeing Kiarostami’s films, I thanked God for giving us just the right person to take his place."

This is the first film I have seen by Kiarostami, and a film which gives you the opportunity of reflection without forcing something down your throat, is eminently re-watchable. But people who prefer "barrel-down cinema" might get sleepy in the middle.


A few comments about the controversial ending, however:

Firstly, I was disappointed by the ending because it disrupted my emotional state where I was ruminating on Mr Badii's fate.

But on further thought, putting words in the director's mouth:

1. This is the post-modern way of saying "The End". "This was a film, and don't worry about Mr Badii, he is hale and hearty, think of your own life."

2. "The world is more beautiful, and green than what I have shown you with all the drab shades and dust and depression in this film." (and hence also the almost comically cheerful music)

3. "The taste of cherry wasn't just a narrative device. Look at the soldiers, they are not required by the film to do so, but they are enjoying the beauty of nature. It isn't all fiction."

Recommendation: Very Good.

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