Thursday, August 09, 2018

Interrogating the Enlightened Man, part 2

Part 1

The Enlightened Man: I thought about the cars and mansions a bit more.  The reason I don't sell them off to help the poor and the sick is that with these facilities, I can help and bless a larger number of people.  If I lived in a small cottage, how will so many thousands be able to visit me and seek my blessings?

Q: That makes sense.  But then, you are desirous that more and more people should come and visit you.  Why?
A: It is not that.  People will visit me anyway.  But since there are so many of them, it is good to have proper facilities for them.  The number of visitors have been increasing over the years.

Q: I can understand that you need a big hall to meet all those people.  But why the need of luxury cars and a luxurious mansion for yourself?  After all, that is not really essential for you to survive.
A: This body is special, as a vehicle for blessing.  This body needs to be kept in comfort and hygiene so it may function at its optimum potential.  I can't subject this blessed body to normal food and housing and an erratic power supply.

Q: So, all this expense on yourself is for you to live a better life than most of your followers, so that you may continue to bless and guide a large number of them for many years to come?
A: Yes, now you have got it.

Q: Why this desire to bless and guide others?  It is obviously making you do a lot of things which look questionable to someone not enamored of you.
A: I don't care about criticism.  Even Jesus was abused.  As for my desire to help others, as long as I am able to live, the best use of my time and energy is to bless and guide others.

Q: How does this blessing actually work?  I thought we agreed that this was all in people's minds and they felt good at having received blessings from someone they think is a blessed man.  We also agreed that lay people can't really distinguish between you, a true holy man, and all those impostors.
A: The blessing is an energy around me.  When that touches people, it subtly orients them toward a life of holiness.  Not only human beings, it affects plants, animals and all life.  Even dogs become quiet and birds sing songs of joy.

Q: What about life forms harmful to humanity?  Say, viruses and pathogens?  Do they also get blessed by this energy and become harder to eradicate in your vicinity?
A: (inaudible)

(to be continued)

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