Tuesday, November 08, 2016

What Donald Trump's Campaign Taught Me

Today is election day in the United States.  Since November of last year, I have supported Donald J Trump to become the next President of the United States.

I believe he will win.  But no matter what the result of this election, men and women around the world have witnessed a historic and remarkable election campaign.  It has been an experience the likes of which may never come again in our lifetime.

The media, all around the world, has been massively prejudiced against Donald Trump.  And only those who could sift through and put aside the hysterical opinion pieces, the biased TV coverage, the corrupt headlines, the false labels, the rigged debates and the skewed opinion polls could even begin to have a perspective on the elections which they could call their own.

I am naturally distrustful of mainstream media, and many Americans are aware that media houses are just corporations seeking their own profits and having their own motives.  But even I was shocked to see the extent of media bias.  I no longer expect to get true and correct information from TV and newspapers.  It is hard work to do one's own research and to understand the context of a quote or a gesture, but it's worth it.

I am a permanent resident in this country and am not yet eligible to vote.  But I have followed this election almost every day for the last one year.  And this election, but especially the campaign of Donald J Trump, has made me realize some very important things:

1. Purpose is Energy.  Millions across the country, and millions more around the world, have been energized to believe that the world can change.  That the problems that we face might be complex and troubling, but are not insurmountable.  A leader gives hope to his people.  And hope makes people face every new day with strength and a feeling that they matter.  And that things can change.  The passion behind the campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has been the passion to change the world's most powerful center.  Trump supporters have poured in countless hours to support their leader, to design art and viral memes, to laugh and cry together, to make fun of others and to be made fun of, to passionately appeal for their candidate online, to volunteer as citizen-journalists, to stand for hours in a line to a rally, ... All because they feel energized.  And all because they again feel hope.  Hope matters.

2. Heroism is alive.  In the face of heavy odds, when everybody is predicting your defeat, and nobody comes to your side, the hero continues to believe in his destiny, and in his battle, and continues to fight.  It was a privilege to watch a modern figure fight against the whole world, and not give up despite being wounded again and again.  Many times Trump's campaign was predicted to be dead, and he was expected to throw in the towel.  But he fought till the very last day.  This fight will be studied in the history books.

3. People have awakened.  The campaigns for Brexit in UK, and of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the US, have shown the world that no amount of media propaganda, money power and elites siding with something can guarantee its victory.  Brits turned up, and voted UK out of EU.  Bernie Sanders gave jitters to the Democrat establishment in the US.  Trump won the Republican nomination and is only a step away from being the "leader of the free world".

4. Loyalty makes a man.  When a friend, or a family member, or your leader is caught on the wrong side, or makes a mistake, stand with him.  Admonish him, make him be a better man, pray for him, but stand with him.  There is no one among us who is flawless, but honor and loyalty is to stand with someone when that stand is no longer beneficial to yourself.  Turncoats are never respected, and are never remembered by history.  If your support and loyalty is calculated, it will go away when the calculation is no longer in your favor.  And that is a terrible way to live.  The joys of family, friendship and community are meaningful because we forgive each other and stand with each other in trouble.  When you are part of something, or have chosen a side, stand resolute.  Do not be easily swayed.

5. Heresy is man's sacred duty.  From the days of the apocryphal story of the Emperor having no clothes, heresy, and political incorrectness is the true duty of a man who values truth.  To say as one sees things, and not care about public opinion, is a rare virtue today.  It requires courage, conviction, and a certain authenticity of spirit.  To live truly is to be true to oneself.  You will sometimes make mistakes.  But it is no life to only be a sheep in the herd and always act safe.  Be bold.  Be true to yourself.  Live.

Today is election day in the United States.  And I want the people's candidate, the energetic, anti-establishment, populist, brave heretic to win.

May the force be with Donald J Trump.


Anonymous said...

The hero continues to fight, is commendable. But history is written by the winner. That is why it is Ramayan, otherwise it would have been Raavayan. That is why Durga murders Mahishasura every year. What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Raavayan. Ha ha ha.

This time, I the winner, and not Rama, shall write the history.

I am the Raavan, the Karna, the Mahishasura; flawed but courageous to stand up to my conviction.