Monday, February 08, 2016

Two Elections

Election One

In the bypoll for the Khadoor Sahib state constituency in Punjab, I am proud to support Sumail Singh Sidhu, of Punjabi Sanjhiwal Jatha.

This is a very small constituency, and the election is due to the elected candidate resigning prematurely.  If Mr Sidhu wins, it will be a symbolic but significant defeat for the corrupt ruling party, the infamous Akali Dal.

My home state, the Punjab, has been brutalized, looted and raped by the mainstream politicians and their thugs.  I want them to be defeated and jailed, and even more so when an aware, educated and honest candidate is fighting against them.

Mr Sidhu was associated with AAP but broke away and is now contesting as an independent, and is a very passionate, vigorous and intellectually aware man.    I met him in person when he was enrolled in JNU for his PhD.  Though he is strongly left-leaning, and I have strong reservations about Marxism and its variants, I still support him because he speaks for the masses.  The time to argue about ideology will come later, what we need now is integrity and a will to transform the present.

His poll symbol is Whistle (seeti).

I urge you to support Mr Sumail Singh Sidhu.  If you wish to contribute to his campaign, please contact me.

Election Two

For the most powerful political post in the world, I am proud to support Donald J Trump as the Republican candidate for the President of the United States of America.

Compared to the first election, this is orders of magnitude bigger.

Mr Trump is the only self-funded candidate in the fray, and he is running against both the Republican establishment (which sees him as an outsider and someone to be kept out), and the mainstream political and media institutions.

Fighting the Establishment

I want to win for the people of this great country. The only people I will owe are the voters. The media, special interests, and lobbyists are all trying to stop me. We won't let that happen! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Monday, January 25, 2016

He, and Bernie Sanders (from the Democrat side), are representing what an astute blogger calls the American Spring.  People are tired of the career politicians and their donors and special interests.  And I am tired of the new liberal fascism of political-correctness, misandry and a mistreatment of the majority and its traditions, and a culture of groveling and masochism.

I veer towards Republicans because of their stances on illegal immigration, their defense of the second amendment, and their ardent opposition to the reach of the federal government.  And among the Republicans, I admire Mr Trump the most for his emphasis on the economy, for his straight talk and his directness and outspokenness, his refusal to back down when pressured by media, and for his appeal to the common voter instead of special interests.

I also admire his persuasion skills, by the way.  I believe he will win the Republican nomination, and that he will be the next President of USA.

Many feel that he is a bigot and a racist and whatnot.  I urge those people, if they care about having an informed opinion, to watch this video:


Anonymous said...

While I agree that Donald Trump's complete lack of political correctness is refreshing, and appealing as well, I don't see any substance in his words. He repeats the same thing again and again, make America great again, we need to win etc. He seems under informed on policy issues, to say the least.

I think the American public are right to be disgusted with career politicians in the GOP, and Dem parties, Trump is just taking advantage of that public anger and frustration to his own ends.

Venkat said...

What's your opinion on the above link?

Venkat said...

Can I have your opinion on the second Amendment, and your reasons for supporting it?

Harmanjit Singh said...


Harmanjit Singh said...

@venkat, regarding the second amendment: I believe police cannot be everywhere all the time, and an atmosphere where people know that their victim might be armed leads to less crime.

But more than that, I am a libertarian and I do not believe the state has a right to take away a citizen's right to armed self-defense.

The state's corruption in licensing a citizen's right to arms is woefully apparent in a country like India, where only the powerful have guns or gun-toting goons with them. A normal citizen is not even allowed to have a fold-able knife.

The police routinely violates citizens' rights. I know a citizen stands no chance against a heavily armed police, but there is dignity in fighting and dying for one's freedom instead of meekly submitting to violent authority.

Historically, I am inspired by the battle of Thermopylae:

As for the use of guns by the mentally-ill to kill innocent people, there's a cost to such a big freedom. We should try to minimize that cost without taking away the freedom.

Pankaj said...

that's how it ends isn't it. that's what they call coming a full circle..

Harmanjit Singh said...

@pankaj: Not sure what you mean. Most people are quite surprised that I support Donald Trump. Is that it?

Venkat said...

Harman: Yes, at least, I was quite surprised. In my (?our) spiritual days I thought the democracy was a waste of time: if only we were spiritual enough then there would be no need of church or state. With actualism, I thought that since human beings are corrupt at their core, no form of government could ever be truly just and socialistic. Now, I realize that we have problems, and the solutions to them do not lie in sitting back. Yes, at the end of the day, I am resposible for my own happiness. But that's not to say that having Mr. X in power isn't beneficial to me as opposed to having Mr. Y.
Harman, I think the issue with supporting Donald Trump is the baggage that comes along with it. He hates women, African Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants. These aren't true at all, but in the right context they aren't entirely wrong (and yes, I've watched the link you attached). I guess at the end of the day it boils to how candidate "X" affects my life, directly or indirectly and mirrors my thought/feelings/viewpoints.

Pankaj said...

No, I was just wondering how you square this with your view of things.

Harmanjit Singh said...

@pankaj I guess I don't want to defend everything he says... No politician is perfect. They are going after Kasich because of an innocent "women in kitchen" remark.

Venkat said...

Can I have your opinion/views on the above article?