Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seeking the Unknown, part 5

The seeker, by a genetic twist of fate perhaps, is incapable and unwilling to surrender to a dogma, ideology or pattern.

For a seeker, to limit his exploration is the harshest punishment.  To bind a seeker to an ideology is akin to asking a harlot to get married.

What is the fate of these seekers?  What is the future of seeking?  What role do they play in human progress?  Are they parasites on society, leeching on the hard work of the ambitious and the industrious?  Do they live only for themselves?  Are they irresponsible, easily bored, unproductive vagrants of civilization?

Or are they like George Zorbas: men who celebrate the inherent mystery in life, and who find joy in a cloud?  And about who books and films are written and produced.

(to be continued)

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