Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Levels of Conversation

Infant: To talk about oneself. Ranting. Attention seeking.

Child: To talk about people. Stimulant. Speculative.

Adolescent: To talk about events. Emotional. Informative.

Adult: To talk and convince about ideas. Intellectual. Abstract.

Edifying: To uncover hidden biases and assumptions. Open. Exploratory.

Holistic: To observe with understanding and wisdom. Peaceful. Joyous.

Silent: To observe without labeling and evaluation. Transcendent. Expansive.

We converse at all levels. Less so at higher ones.

To deepen a conversation, we move from a lower level to a higher one.

If we remain stuck at a level, then there are certain knots which need to be undone. And some capacities need to be kindled. And the environment needs to be nourishing.

That is not always possible.

But we must try.


DoNotCrossIt! said...

What is the best way to un-knot ?

Anonymous said...

We should have balance when we talk and who we are talking too.. 99% population still is still at Adolescent level. Remaining 1% who reaches to highest level - find themselves either lost in life or searching meaning of their existence. From outside they may feel content but surely the one who lives alone. Not sure who is better - who are ignorant and live life as it comes or the one who reaches to Silent level and feel dead inside .