Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spiritual Aphorisms

I have listed these aphorisms for a detailed critique in my as-yet-unfinished book.  Please add to these if you think I have missed any important one:

  1. Live in the Present.
  2. Do not depend on anything/anyone for your happiness.
  3. There is no "I", ego is an illusion / there is only flux.
  4. Don't be attached / Have no desires.
  5. You are not the body.
  6. The mind is a limited / dangerous tool.
  7. What is true cannot be expressed in words.
  8. You are always free, you only need to realize it.
  9. Appearance is not reality / The world is an imagination.
  10. We are all one.
  11. Do not judge anyone, or yourself.
  12. Condemn the act, not the actor.
  13. You are not the mind, you are pure Awareness.
  14. Be spiritual, not religious.
  15. Love unconditionally.
  16. Be free of others' expectations.
  17. In deep sleep, the "I" and the "world" are no more.
  18. Bliss is your natural state.
  19. Live from the heart, not from the mind.


Anonymous said...


Dr. Venkat said...

We aren't human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

Enlightenment is like a fish searching for the ocean.

The true nature of the universe/Self is sat-chit-anand.

Anonymous said...

You are all there is

Anonymous said...

You are what you are seeking.

Anonymous said...

Only golden rule is that there is none..

Sridhar said...

If they can be subject to critiques do they not by definition cease to be aphorisms?

Ravi said...

Life and death are two sides of the same coin; both bring new beginnings, just look at nature.

Ajar Vashisth said...

Couple of more but not distinct:

1. Rules,Laws and principals only justify they can not decide.

Anonymous said...

Only golden rule: there is no golden rule

Anonymous said...

Hold this. This too shall pass.