Monday, July 02, 2012

The Sensitive Robot

In the year 2240 AD, robots were in widespread currency.  The most common model was the HS-2122 android.  It was mass produced, and it was a bipedal humanoid.  It had sensors for the usual stimuli, and it also possessed a special sensor for detecting a "tough" situation requiring an amplified energetic response.

Serial number 00F0CD1 of the HS-2122 robot series had been manufactured with a malfunction.  It was too sensitive to "tough" situations and quickly exhausted itself in trying to resolve them or of computing of ways to avoid them.

It was sent to a repair facility for fixing.  The repair facility was curiously named as Android Servicing, Hotfixes, Repairs And Modifications (or in short, ASHRAM).

The facility in-charge was new to his job.  He quickly diagnosed the problem, and inserted a resistor between the input circuits and the tough-situation-handling-module.  The resistor had been designed to make sure no circuits in the HS-2122 series got heated up.

However, the resistor had a strange consequence.

00F0CD1 no longer considered the external situations of any import at all.  It became focused, instead, on the inward module which was processing the inputs.  It continued to process the inputs till the inputs became mere noise and there was nothing left to respond to.  It was very concerned about preserving the health of its circuits.  In fact, that became its sole concern.

00F0CD1 became unfit to operate in general planetary habitations but was instead allocated to live in the Zero Expenditure Nebula (the ZEN nebula, that's what they called it).  In that nebula, very little energy was consumed, and there was no situation which even demanded a heightened response activation.  There were other robots like him in the ZEN nebula and they all possessed excellent, glowing batteries and shiny exteriors.

However, as with the rest of his batch, he was retired at the end of its thirty year life-cycle.  The high-point of 00F0CD1's existence had been its production of a four-line poem, which it called a Systematic Utterance of Truthy Repeatable Assertion (SUTRA, in short):

The Planetary Realm was a mess,
I wanted it less and less;
In ZEN true peace and happiness lie,
It is not important how you live, but how you die!


Anonymous said...

This is 00F0CD2. I have composed a different poem:

The Planetary Realm was a mess,
I wanted it less and less;
In ACTUALITY true peace and happiness lie,
It is not important how you die, but how you live sensuously!

All the robots need to be uploaded with undated version of MY software which will make them realize this where I will be known as the generator of a completely new robotic consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Sunyata was the name of the robot! Very creative piece of writing!

Anonymous said...

I guess I know this robot..many of robots have same experience ...I agree with first doesn't matter how journey end but how you completed your journey!!! However, a great piece of writing and well summarised entire life and feelings of sesetive robot.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up!