Monday, May 07, 2012

Two Women, Singers

Exhibit A:

Enya Brennan, an Irish singer and musician, born 1961.  Known for her lilting, soothing music.  Personal and relationship details mostly unknown (she values her privacy), except that she has remained unmarried.

Her music celebrates love, dream-like imagery, nurturing, longing, nature, beauty and joy.

Some songs:

(an interesting musical re-composition here)

Exhibit B:

Sinéad O'Connor, another Irish singer and musician, born 1966.  Known for her shaved head (as a protest against "traditional views of women" (ref Wikipedia)), acerbic and militant views, feminism, failed relationships (her fourth marriage lasted seventeen days) , songs of pain and hurt, public expression of her sexual proclivities, and so on.

Some songs (that I have liked, by the way):


Anonymous said...

Harman, I read this article many times to understand if you were appreciating their talent or commenting on the contrast their music theme vs personal life had. Whatever it is!! I enjoyed the music posted . Thanks for sharing.

Harmanjit Singh said...

The Three Babies song by Sinead is this:

(Youtube has another song wrongly titled in the link above in the article).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these. Sometimes music communicates what words cannot.