Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten Interesting Electronic/Techno tracks

I have been interested in techno/trance/electronica for many years now. These are some of my favorite tracks. Please share some of yours!

1. Genre: Goa Trance

2. Genre: Electronic

3. Genre: Electronic, slow progression

4. Genre: Vocal/Melodic

5. Genre: Trance/Electronic/Sci-Fi

This track has echoes in an epic scene from Valhalla Rising (Refn, 2009)

6. Genre: House Music/Dubstep

7. Genre: Ambient/Melodic

8. Genre: Electronic (Remix of a classical tune)

This is an interpretation of the famous Adagio for Strings, famously featured in David Lynch's The Elephant Man.

9. Genre: Electronic (this is an early world-famous classic)

10. Genre: Ambient/Gaming


Anonymous said...

Trance: DJ Tiesto

Anonymous said...

Harmanjit Singh said...

@anonymous, 7.53:

Thanks. Nightcall was featured in The Drive, and I loved the film from beginning to end.