Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Men and Women, part V

Some interesting, and thought-provoking, reading on post-feminism, masculism, and gender roles:


c said...

The first two are good and make sense. The third one seems extremely biased against women.
The problem with feminism and well as anti-feminism is that that they both try to prove only their side and lose objectivity in doing so.

Anonymous said...

A baby should be allowed to be born only if Dad AND Mom say yes to it.(AND gate logic). If either says No there should not be a baby.

This way it is not a question of a Dad's choice OR a Mom's choice, its gotta be BOTH their choice.

All these fallacies you are trying to bring out are a result of applying faulty logic.

When a Man AND woman come together, AND takes precedence over OR.If one forgets that, then all the mistakes happen..............