Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Debate on God

A debate between Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston was filmed ABC Nightline. The title of the debate was "Does God have a Future?".

What I find remarkable in the debate is the hatred and arrogance in Deepak Chopra's body language coexisting with his verbiage of oneness and compassion.

The debate is split into 12 parts (each of about 8-10 minutes) and is available here on YouTube.

Some comments about this debate (apart from those on the YouTube videos themselves) are here and here.


Pankaj said...

i've seen this one before :) "woo woo" was an apt description for Deepak Chopra's khichdi of spirituality and quantum mechanics. i don't find most god vs. atheism debates particularly deep. You may want to look at some interviews of chomsky by searching for "chomsky on humanism" on youtube.

justbe said...

With Deepak Chopra as benchmark one can spend a lifetime debating.

Anonymous said...

DC has always been trying to milk money from the gullible. I once made the mistake of trying to read one of his "7 laws of &*^$%#&*$^"

It speaks poorly of me to say I went a good fifty pages before realizing it was utter, utter crap.