Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freedom of Expression in India, Theory and Practice

I am currently researching Freedom of Expression in India. I hope to ultimately cover:
  • The legal framework
  • The incidents in which this freedom was challenged and restricted
I do not, at this time, plan to cover the sociocultural reasons for the restriction of this freedom in India. Frequently, people or parties take matters into their own hands and illegally throttle an author or a work of art.

The article is currently published (and will be updated in-situ) at Google Docs.

I plan to evolve this article over a few months. Till now I have gathered some information on film censorship, books, and censorship of the internet. I am yet to begin on press censorship and on the censorship of theater, painting and sculpture.

If you know of any resources, have any information about a censored work, please let me know via email or via a comment on this blog. Thanks in advance!

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DesiInTokyo said...

Harman, I had read a nice comparison on similar topic. Here is the link.