Friday, April 13, 2007

Democracy as an end

So has democracy become an end in itself?

Is it to be celebrated that a government is voted out and the opposition is to voted in because it shows that democracy is alive?

Democracy is a means to an end, the end being good governance and representation of the people.

In India, democracy does NOT achieve this end; and has not, ever since 1947.

Democracy has become a mafia. "You have no choice but to choose one of the two thugs as your masters." So, we choose one who is not in power, to voice our disapproval.

Is that a victory for democracy? Or is casting your vote also a kind of castration?


Anonymous said...

This is regarding the Actual Freedom. There used to be a mailing list which has been discontinued. iirc you and Jack were talking about starting another group or list in the WWW to continue with the discussions. If indeed there exists one, can you give me the url please?

harmanjit said...

It is there at

Though it is not seeing any activity at all.